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2024 Annual General Meeting


No bookings required

We look forward to welcoming you! 

Closing times & Public Holidays may differ due to demand

Van - 027 865 2582

Available Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 4pm



Who started all this? On the 3rd April 1958 a meeting was held in Carl Spender’s garage to form the Whangamata Boatmen’s Association.

Objects of Association quote “To enable boatmen to approach and consult Thames County about all matters concerning boat owners and users re wharf and harbour facilities.  

Wally Findlater became Chairman until 14 May 1960 when Stan Death accepted nomination and was elected unanimously.   The successive committees for several years wrote reams of letters to the Thames County Council trying to gain amenities such as fresh water on the wharf and lower landing built onto said wharf for ease of loading and unloading.  Finally, Stan organised working bees and members of the club were levied Three pound Ten shillings ($7.00) each and under Stan’s supervision we had a bore put down, supplied our own pump and laid the water onto the wharf.   This was completed in 1960. Then after much more correspondence with the Thames Council re wharf lower landing, they supplied the timber and the club by way of working bees built the lower landing, this was completed in 1962.......CLICK HERE FOR MORE OF THE EPIC STORY!

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